Media Audiences – Week 5


  1. Who you think the defined audience is, in terms of age, gender, class?
  • The defined audience is the younger generation, aged between 5-13.
  • This particular film (+franchise) is aimed at both gender.
  • The film is also aimed at any class. (Could possibly be slightly more aimed at middle class?)
  1. How you think the chosen media text relates specifically to that audience?
  • Children are the main aim of this particular film; this is mainly due to the story, its characters, it’s references and also because it is an animated feature.
  • Shrek is created by using the formula for the original fairytale and changing it to be totally different than ever before, this is mainly due to the main character Shrek.
  • The characters in this film can also be found in many children’s books and Disney films. Cinderella, Snow White, Pinocchio and many more can all be recognised from the disney films. The gingerbread man, three blind mice, three little pigs, big bad wolf and MANY MORE are also featured. this is something that children can relate to and know who they are, this helps make the story more thrilling for children in particular. They want to see all their favourite characters in one place, they want to be able to identify certain characters.
  • HOWEVER many of these kind of films have transformed into a family occasion, thus becoming more of a family genre. This has become more apparent as he franchise continued, but the first film; to me is more aimed at the main market which is the younger generation. They need to make sure that their audience want to go and see it, which they ultimately did!
  • Shrek is also something that presents a good message for this audience in particular, Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!
  • The fact that is it also an animated film also helps with the audience that I find Shrek aims for. It is mainly children and young teenagers that tend to go and see animated films. They have proved to be very popular (Shrek even won the first Oscar for an Animated Movie).
  • It’s something that anyone can really see, something that all children will want to see. Good guy, bad guy etc. Shrek features the perfect mix of everything that fits into this particular category of audience. Though as the films have continued over the ten years, Shrek has grown with children that have watched from the start; meaning it’s main audience would have developed over the years to possibly more people than the first film.
  • Shrek has the ability to be different than many of previous children’s animated films, it has a different story and lots of appealing characters and many stories that are told that have the right mix of fantasy and humour and drama. This film has a lot going for it and it certainly shows because the first film (as well as the other three) have had millions enjoying it, children all over the world! it also shows through the $2,953,370,449 that they have made in the box office.
  • All four Shrek films are aimed at the younger audiences, but that doesn’t stop anyone from buying a ticket or DVD and watching and enjoying them! Everyone loves them and they are great, simples.
  1. How can the media text be understood using your chosen model for step one (Two Step Flow)?
  • The two step flow model believes that the opinions of the opinion leaders are expressed through things like films etc, they are the messages that they want to put out to the world.
  • Here I find it hard to see a real message that the ‘opinion leaders’ are wanting to put out there, other than a positive note that it’s okay to be different, that is the key message (sort of) in the first film in particular. However it is easy to see that the big bosses have made sure that they have a good story and also they have a lot to sell the film for (e.g. Cast members, special effects, songs, animation and more), this could lead to the opinion leaders being able to sell the movie = them getting a lot of money and being able to profit from the movie.

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