Stories – 105 MC

Angelica & Theodor – A CHANCE AT LOVE

Having seen the angel through a family tragedy, the young woman goes through much distress; she is badly injured through an incident, the young woman decides that her life is meaningless and she gives up on life. The angel comes down from heaven and provides her with the chance to be with him, as an angel. He gives her a potion and she is saved through a miracle cure, she becomes an angel and the two fly off into the sky together hand in hand.


Being the famous heroes that everyone has come to know and love over many years, the group infinity decide to go against everything they stand for and try to go back to normal lives. They know that this isn’t going to be easy, so they plan on letting the latest threat to humanity to succeed a little; to show that they aren’t all good and they can’t be there all the time. The group succeeds, but are then seen by the entire world as traitors and they are forced to go into hiding.


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