How To Make An Oscar Winner


Going through my usual browse through the EMPIRE and TOTAL FILM websites, I was able to see this very interesting article. I always like to visit these particular websites, they provide me with the essential movie news and information that every Media student requires. I love looking through different media sites. I look at other sites such as tvbythenumbers, entertainment weekly, zap2it, digital spy and of course empire and total film.

Though it isn’t made to be taken 100% seriously it has  a slight funny tone inserted; I still found it very useful! I’m sure if every Media Production student read this, they would without a doubt be holding an Oscar one day! Articles like this is what makes the websites fun, though they are taking the mickey sometimes; it is still allowing you to stop and think about what you think makes an Oscar winner and why so.

The Academy Awards take place at the beginning of every year, they celebrate and award the films that have stood out the most throughout the previous year. I have watched the awards since I was 13 and has helped me to develop my love for the film industry and also a reason for why I chose to study Media Production. I always make sure that I watch the show, I’m always looking forwards to following the nominated features and seeing which one will win.Being interested in Awards season is something I have always followed and watched, I like seeing what is deemed the best film of the year. I always make sure that I try and see the film and then at least tell someone what I thought about it or get them to watch it and then see their take!

My favourite categories are of course Best Picture, but also Best Actor and Actress and more recently Best Animated Feature. This year i’m rooting for a number of people and films to be nominated!

I’m definitely going to be making sure that I follow the 2012 Awards season. I will also be making sure that I watch some of the nominated films this season, I want to make sure I approve!

Here is the piece! >


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