4 Week Film Project – Summary


The first major project to come our way as Media Production students was to produce a short film on the subject of our choice. We were placed into groups and were given the task to create something together that would be screened to the rest of the class at a later date.

Being able to work in a new group was very daunting, I found it hard to make sure that my voice was heard throughout the process of coming up with ideas. You never know when you meet new people how your opinions and thoughts will come across, but I made sure that I spoke and gave ideas throughout the process of developing ideas and coming up with the main story.

Once we had an idea of what we could produce, we came to the decision that one person in the group would write the script (because it was their idea that was used). I found working in this group fun at times, many of the new people that I was meeting and working with all have different backgrounds and I was enjoying getting to know them and seeing what experiences they have and why they chose Media Production. However it became apparent that there were too many people in the group, which meant that there weren’t enough roles for everyone to have. Though I was all for sharing a role with someone, it was never really discussed with who would do what and who could help someone else do something. I found this a very hard way to work and often found myself doing nothing as others would be heading the meetings or production stages. The groups organisation was also very misguided and not interpreted well enough for all of the members to understand where to meet or when or what work had to be done etc. Working in new groups and trying to get along with everyone got harder because of these conditions, though I really enjoyed the group; it is no way to work when it comes down to organising a shoot and creating ideas for the group project.

When it came to filming the idea that was developed, I found it increasingly harder to make sure that I played my part and worked enough for it all to be of an equal effort. The idea that was filmed wasn’t concrete or clear until that day when I saw the finished script, I wanted to have had more input with the story and the script because its where I’m most intrigued to develop my skills. Filming meant that I was able to see what had to be done to create what was on the paper, it took one long day to complete the shoot. Again, it was hard to get specific roles because there were many people in the group.

The final stages of the process enabled me to gain further knowledge of what had to be done for the idea to go from an idea to a production to an editing process and then a finished product. It was then time to screen the short film and see the other groups, which I enjoyed because I was able to see how professional everyone was and also see what other ideas were used. I decided that the video which featured the zombie and his human brother was the best, not based on it’s originality but it’s use of humour and the way that the film was shot. The characters were easy to follow and the editing helped the comedic times throughout the clip. Though they were all of a very good standard, that one in particular stood out to me.

Overall I have come to the conclusion that I enjoyed getting to know people on my course throughout the first few weeks of starting, yet found it hard to work within such an intense group. I like to have a great deal of organisation and though the group focused on what was important, I felt that at times there wasn’t enough work being done by all of the members and the way everyone communicated didn’t allow everyone to know where to be and when to go. Organisation and communication are both very important in this business and I found it to be unprofessional at times. Though I don’t want to have this to seem like a dig at the group, I wanted to have had more to do and been included more within the process of the ‘Lost In London’ creation. Heres hoping that all of the future group work I am involved in, I learn from this experience and can make sure that my input is greater than before.


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