Movie Review! – Paranormal Activity 3


Having gone to see the latest instalment in the Paranormal Activity franchise recently, I thought it would be very useful for me to review the film and reflect on my thoughts on the film.

Now a recurring franchise, much like the recently deceased Saw franchise; The paranormal activity is continuing and from what I have seen, it’s a good thing! Being set 18 years before the previous two films, I was worried that this film would be something totally different, something that would ruin my interest in the films. Being doubtful that the creators could keep these films fresh of ideas after the disapointing second film, I came out surprised that this film stands on its own, yet applies what the audience already knows to create a satisfying yet safe new instalment.

Set 18 years before the other films, Katie (Katie Featherston) and Kristi (Sprauge Grayden) are children and are experiencing the paranormal for the first time. Their mother and step-father begin to film the acidity to discover what’s really going on and when Kristi begins to talk to Toby; an imaginary friend, it soon becomes apparent that something more is behind the paranormal actovyt than first thought.

The films are known for their scares and this in particular stands out as having the scariest, yet forgetful thrills since the first film. The setting helps provide the film with a new way of creating the scares, the 1988 setting allows the camera setting to be different, yet the scares are still of the same vain as the other two. However the scares in this film have their own way of providing what we all want out of these kind of films, a messed up head. The ghost under the white sheet in particular provides tense moments as well as a shocking scares that will have viewers scared of white sheets for a while. As well as scares, the tension created throughout the film is at it’s best, particularly the moving camera that is created for viewing the kitchen and lounge. This is where the scares are at their best.

The pace of the film is incredibly slow, and at key moments you simply want the scare to come as you wait for the story to move on. The story is simple, yet effective but lacks the drive to allow it to stand out from the other two. The characters might be different and younger, which doesn’t seem to help the movie from going back on itself and creating a vicious cycle of repetition. Despite this, the film tells the story differently than it’s predecessors; which does make the film enjoyable and thrilling at times.

The finale in particular is incredibly disappointing, a slow moving movie like this needed a bigger and scarier finale to redeem itself from it’s demons; but all we are left with is a reveal that makes you wish you didn’t know what was behind the activity. Though i’m hoping for a Paranormal Activity 4, I fear that if it isn’t what it needs to be and it pushes the boundaries of all of it’s predecessors then this franchise will head down the same drain as Saw did and become too predictable and unsatisfying  for the audience.

Empire Star Rating


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