Rihanna – We Found Love

I’m addicted to Rihanna’s new song ‘We Found Love’ and now that the video is out, I like it even more!

The video is really well made, it’s story especially has got me thinking all about music videos and how they can really present a message. This one is all about love, the good and the bad parts. It certainly has helped me to see that when you just hear a song, it can mean a totally different thing to how it is meant to be heard and seen. Music videos allow us to see what the artist feels the song really means.

The editing in this music video is really quick and sharp, it’s got me thinking that I need to learn how to use Final Cut Pro more so that one day I could maybe make something like this, it is something I really feel I could and want to make. The editing works really well with the fast up tempo song as well as keeping it in line with the story. It’s a music video with a message that is produced well and presents all the key features within the 3 minutes of the song.

I think too many artists nowadays try to do messages in their video’s, this one has a message that is really relatable and many one that many people can relate to.



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