Medium group work – Week 3

Here is the work that me and my group completed for a task with our Medium group, I enjoy working with them and am very pleased with the work that was produced! GO TEAM MASTERMINDS 😉

The Story:
  •  A young girl is terminally ill, both her and her family suffering from the vicious disease
  • She is eventually hospital bound where there is only limited things nurses and doctors can do for her
  • As the pain becomes unbearable for the young girl she pleads her mother obsessively to turn off her life support and release her from the illness.
  • The mother eventually agrees.
  • Pandemonium strikes – doctors and nurses run in, as well as the father. The mother is in tears and backs up against the wall, distraught at what she’s done. (Most tense part of music here)* doctors try everything to retrieve the child but fail, the dad is devastated as he holds his dead daughter. The mum is speechless and the doctors do everything they can to help.• Music softens at the end and it finishes.
The 31 Narratives:
  1. Absentation – The girl leaves the security of her bed?
  2. Interdiction – The girls interdiction is her illness, she wants to be able to move and walk but she can’t. The doctor could be the interdiction.
  3. VOI – she violates the interdiction by going against the doctors words and she walks. (Do we see the doctor telling her not to walk?
  4. Reconnaissance – none
  5. Delivery – The doctor nor the mother are the villain. They are kind of hero’s but villains at the same time. The illness is the villain.
  6. Trickery – the girl feels she’s getting better but then she doesn’t and her condition worsens. Or perhaps the Mother persuades the girl to do it or she does it anyway because she doesn’t want her daughter to be in pain
  7. Complicity – Mother is sitting next to the daughter and convincing the daughter that her father doesn’t really care about her. The sibling hears the mother saying this as they are by the door. The sibling walks away.
  8. Villainly or Lack – Her Father walks in to see his daughter but the mother says he’s not wanted their. He then he asks his daughter and his daughter agrees so father walks away with tears in his eyes.
    Mediation: Sibling tells their father what the mother said to the daughter. Father then decides to go back in the room and sees the daughter has got worse and the mothers in tears he goes to his daughter and holds her hand while he is weeping and his daughter grabs his hand.
  9. Beginning counter-action – The father goes out the room. The daughter asks the mother to let her go and to pull the plug. Her mother says no and breaks down in tears but the daughter begs her and then the mother starts to think about it.
  10. Departure – The father comes back in to the room and then the mother leaves the room to go think about what her daughter says.
  11. First function of the donor – The sibling sees the mother and sees shes cryin the sibling goes up and hugs the mother the mother then asks what to do and the sibling then says help her and do what she wants and will be better off doing.

  12. Hero’s Reaction – The mothers tries to ignore what the sibling has said to her, but the words of the sibling continue to float around the mother’s head alongside her daughters. The mother then thinks maybe what the sibling said is right and best for her daughter.
  13. Receipt of a magical agent – The mother sees an old happy photo of her, the father and the daughter together as a family and realises that the sibling is right. She then starts to have visions of them as a happy family again. The sibling then comes and sits next to the mother and gives her support of doing the right thing. She tells the mother to go and speak to the father about this.
  14. Guidance – The mother is then taken to the bedroom of her daughter and looks around the whole room and breaks down in tears. She sees the difference between her daughter’s state and starts to get the confidence of doing what her daughter wants.
  15. Struggle – The mother gets to the fathers and speaks to him about it, and he is absolutely against her thoughts. She does everything she can to convince but he just says against this idea. She then fights within herself of whether she should go ahead with it or not.
  16. Branding – Whilst battling within herself she tends to break down again and show frustration and anger so she breaks glass which leaves her with a cut next to the tattoo of her daughter’s date of birth.
  17. Victory – The mother stands up after being pampered by the sibling as if she jus remembered something but really she has found the heart to go along with her daughters decision as she thinks she will be gone to a better place.
  18. Liquidation – The little girl is given release from her pain and her life is spared from further pain. She no longer can take it and wants to be released from a life full of treatment and being ill. Music Video:The girl will be seen as she once was (well and happy) in flashbacks to days where she would play with her family. Close up images of her face, knowing that she can’t go on anymore, she wants to be released and given the decency of being able to choose.
  19. Return – Though her parents and doctors are hopeful she will get better, She will never be the same to how she once was. She’s too ill to do so, she isn’t able to get better and everyone knows it, but they hope that they will be a miracle and she can be saved. The young healthy girl won’t be returning, everyone is in denial about it. Music Video: Again, flashbacks can provide images of what the girl once was and what she is now. The video has a deep tone, harsh lighting and close up images of peoples faces should help provide the tone we want to make and what we imagine seeing. The girl won’t ever be the same, a normal child and that needs to be shown.
  20. Pursuit -Doctors continue to try to get her back to how she used to be, without an illness. They are trying to get her back to full health, they have pursued many different treatments for her illness. There isn’t much use however as the child is too ill and begins to show signs of giving up, this makes everything else seem useless. Doctors should be shown to know that they are playing a losing game, they just are meant to prolong her life. Music Video: The doctors aren’t the evil people in this video, though they are part of something that is against what the girl wants. They are to be shown as caring, but assertive when the child asks for help on dying. The mother then decides to take it upon herself to help her child to stop the pain and the useless treatments that the doctors use. The camera should show them as tall people to show assertion and height above what the girl wants.
  21. Rescue – The girl and her mother have a heart to heart and realise that they both know that the girl can’t go on anymore, she’s okay with the circumstances and is ready to let go. The mother does what she does to rescue her daughter from any further pain. Music Video: The moment that the mother takes out the plugs and turns everything off, is the key moment in the video. Devastation and shock should overcome the mother to what she is doing, and collapsing to the floor shows the raw emotion that overcomes her. The rescue is the moment the girl dies. Close ups! Birds eye view of the moment that everyone runs in to save her and the mother in the corner sobbing to herself.
  22. Unrecognised Arrival – The unrecognised hero (Father) is distraught by his daughters death and mother’s seeming betrayal by helping her to die. He arrives after the mother helps the daughter to die. Though the family has been strained (the relationships too) the father and daughter are distraught with what they have seen and what is happening, their suffering member of the family is dying in front of their eyes. Music Video: Total shock should be shown with close up images of the family members’ faces as they realise what has happened, tears streaming down everyones faces are also to be shown to signify the sadness, which also ties in with the ending of the chosen music, it’s calm ending shows the emotion well.
  23. Unfounded Claims – The doctors (false heroes) say that they can improve her lifestyle but her illness means that she will ultimately die anyway. They say she won’t be back to full health but they can give her many different treatments to help her. She will never be the same. Music Video: The realisation that she wants to die is the looks and emotions of the key characters, mother and daughter. This is where we see many more things happen in flashbacks and also where the video begins to show the signs that the girl wants to die. 
  24. Difficult Task – After her persistently pleading daughter desperately tried to obtain her mothers understanding a break in the situation occurs. pain stricken, emotions high, and very little hope left, the sweet neive young girl pours out emotional maturity in asking or more so demanding her mother to accept the situation, save her from the constant pain and release her from her ward b world. with a daughter too weak to fight, too weak to carry on the motherless feels powerless to anything else, nothing can be done to help so desperate to do just something the mother eventually agrees, and removes the power supply from her daughters life support. in terms of the narrative functions this tests both the daughters and mothers strength as a relationship, and the individual strength to fulfil there actions, the daughter propose this ‘difficult task’ to her hero ‘mother’ in terms of the music video we visualised, soft short shots foccused around images showing high emotion, incuding affectionate cuddles between mother and daughter, slow close ups of rolling tears, the daughter struggling to sit up into beda mother holding on to every last glimmer of her daughter, slowly reaching for the power chord finally slowly releasing both … leading to a mid shot of the daughter finally embracing a smile and sense of peace, quickly interrupted by a changing tempo, fast shots of attempted saviour. doctors fled the scene so shots vary between the doctors rushing/ fussing and shots of the dropping pressure on the support machine.
  25. Solution – After several failed attempts to save the young girl doctors cease defeat, the task has been completed the young girl has finally been released from the cruel grip of her disease. shots would include the focus of the fathers despair, tightly holding his lifeless daughter tears streaming, distraught screaming (silent) moving towards the father falling to the floor, before turning to the mother in anger instantly realising her doing, due to the mellow connative music this would all have to be soft and slow to fit and appear crafted.
  26. Recognition – After the extreme contrasts of emotion, the parents finally realise the one thing they still share, embracing each other and accepting her bravery to release there daughter the mother and father run into one anothers arms, sharing there pain and emotion. the mother is recognised through the daughters diary she clings, which highlights to the father the extreme bravery she undertook.
  27. Exposure – Is quickly established when the realism of the mothers vilianus act unravels, both in terms of the moral element and justice system. in terms of the music video this could be represented through shots of police standing outside the room looking through the glass, merely making the audience aware of there presence providing the connotations of justification.
  28. Transfiguration – The mother is given the new appearance of a villain, her images role into a element of negativity, with the justification being questioned. the mother evolves into a nervous wreck.
  29. Punishment – The punishment for the mother is focussed upon the idea of attending the daughters funeral ! the video for this fits to the silence of the music piece around 3 mins 30, this astounding effect of silence would be complemented by the stark images of iconic funeral symbols, shots of the crowds faces, immensely focusing upon the mother, then the siblings and father. we felt that by foccusing on the mother it would emphasise her guilt and distraught (ie punishment)
  30. Wedding – As a wedding is by no way appropriate for the above story we felt that a reminiscent shot to before the difficult task could replace this. shots of the happy daughter, enjoying her life, dancing, smiling laughing ending with a reminiscent shot of a family photo that with the ending shot goes from perfectly ordinary to blood splattered and torn in half to symbolise the idea of the family being ripped apart and to represent the feeling each member would hold of responsibility in there sister/ daughters death.

Propp’s 8 Characters

  1. Hero – Girl/Mother
  2. Villain – Illness/mother
  3. Damsel – Girl
  4. False Hero – Doctor
  5. Donor – Siblings
  6. Dispatcher – Siblings/Father
  7. Helper – Siblings/Father
  8. The Task – Girl (to make better) & Mother (help her child to die)

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