How much Media do I use In 3 days?

I was given a task to note down how much media I use within a three day period, here are the results!

Date Medium Time Total
8/10/11 Laptop (Internet & Work) 3 hours
8/10/11 TV 2 hour
8/10/11 IPod & ITunes 1 hour
8/10/11 Film 1 hour 30 minutes
8/10/11 7:30 hours
9/10/11 Magazine 20 minutes
9/10/11 Laptop (Internet) 2 hours
9/10/11 IPod 2 hours
9/10/11 Film 1 hour 30 minutes
9/10/11 5:50 hours
10/10/11 TV 3 hour
10/10/11 Laptop (Internet & Work) 2 hours
10/10/11 Ipod 1 hour
10/10/11 Book 1 hour
10/10/11 8 hours

19.8 hours

Having spent three days making sure I noted down what forms of media I used, I have come to the conclusion that I spend a lot of time using media! Having used what I used throughout the weekend; it does mean that I have used many things more than I would have normally in the week. I spent 19.8 hours throughout the three days either on my laptop, watching TV, watching a film, listening to music or reading a magazine/book. Looking at how many hours has made me think how much time in the day I actually spend doing nothing; it’s a lot!

Using my laptop is generally something I use most of the day everyday. Using it for many things means that I spend a lot of the day on it and creating things, watching TV and also using it for music. I have also seen that the more time I spend on the laptop, the less I spend doing other things. It is something that I have to use everyday for quite a while I have decided to try to spend more time on other things, instead of using my laptop.

I have decided that it cannot be a bad thing that I have watched a lot of TV and film over the course of the three days, because of the course I study. The films in particular are for me to evaluate at a later date for my media production course and TV is also always another way for me to find inspiration and information. I have to evaluate a lot of this kind of media throughout the course.

Music is also something that I use a lot, having seen how long I listen to music and use ITunes; I find it normal to see that I am on it for so long because I love music and have always spent a lot of time listening to it and singing way too loud for my own good.

One thing that I feel I should do more than I should is reading! I tend to only read magazines, which is something that I shouldn’t just be reading. Books are very good and I feel that not only will I benefit from reading them; but I will also be exposed to more ideas, more information and more media then before because

This exercise has enabled me to see how much of the media I actually use and also how much I need to expand myself to different mediums. I will be making sure that less time is spent on my laptop and more time is spent reading books and watching films! It has helped me to make sure that I do other things also other than what I have done for the past three days. I may invest in a bike.

I promise to make sure I do other stuff!


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