Posted in October 2011

Stories – 105 MC

Angelica & Theodor – A CHANCE AT LOVE Having seen the angel through a family tragedy, the young woman goes through much distress; she is badly injured through an incident, the young woman decides that her life is meaningless and she gives up on life. The angel comes down from heaven and provides her with … Continue reading

How To Make An Oscar Winner

THIS IS THE OTHER PIECE FOR ASSESSMENT Going through my usual browse through the EMPIRE and TOTAL FILM websites, I was able to see this very interesting article. I always like to visit these particular websites, they provide me with the essential movie news and information that every Media student requires. I love looking through … Continue reading

4 Week Film Project – Summary

THIS IS MY EVALUATION & REFLECTION PIECE FOR ASSESSMENT The first major project to come our way as Media Production students was to produce a short film on the subject of our choice. We were placed into groups and were given the task to create something together that would be screened to the rest of … Continue reading

Movie Review! – Paranormal Activity 3

THIS IS MY ANALYSIS PIECE FOR ASSESSMENT Having gone to see the latest instalment in the Paranormal Activity franchise recently, I thought it would be very useful for me to review the film and reflect on my thoughts on the film. Now a recurring franchise, much like the recently deceased Saw franchise; The paranormal activity … Continue reading

Rihanna – We Found Love

I’m addicted to Rihanna’s new song ‘We Found Love’ and now that the video is out, I like it even more! The video is really well made, it’s story especially has got me thinking all about music videos and how they can really present a message. This one is all about love, the good and … Continue reading

Medium group work – Week 3

Here is the work that me and my group completed for a task with our Medium group, I enjoy working with them and am very pleased with the work that was produced! GO TEAM MASTERMINDS 😉 The Story:  A young girl is terminally ill, both her and her family suffering from the vicious disease She … Continue reading

How much Media do I use In 3 days?

I was given a task to note down how much media I use within a three day period, here are the results! Date Medium Time Total 8/10/11 Laptop (Internet & Work) 3 hours 8/10/11 TV 2 hour 8/10/11 IPod & ITunes 1 hour 8/10/11 Film 1 hour 30 minutes 8/10/11 7:30 hours 9/10/11 Magazine 20 … Continue reading

1st BLOG!!!

heyyyyyy! i’m excited to start using this properly and efficiently, in the meantime heres a picture of me and my new flatmates 😉 freshers is funnnnnnnn 🙂