Hello There!!

It’s certainly been awhile since my blog has entered my brain, Holiday mode what can I say! Anyway I just want to make sure you all know there are lots of new things coming on here very soon! I’m excited, it isn’t just going to be my univeristy work; but many other things that I … Continue reading

A Personal Reflection (POST 4, MEZ)

The final module of the year taught me a lot, I learnt new skills and made new friends whilst being a part of something that I have always wanted to do. This has been my favourite and worst module at once, I say that because of how difficult it all was and how personally challenging … Continue reading

TV Studio…5,4,3,2,1 We’re LIVE!!!

It’s all done! We have just completed our LIVE taping, with great results! Everyone worked really hard to make sure that everything was ready, and we made sure that we had a few times to film the actual programme. Nerves may have been there, but the show went off without too many problems! The set … Continue reading

Wix – Research & Developments

Having decided on a basic design for my website, I wanted to look at other TV show websites to see what they offer, what they look like and what structure they have for their audience. I know that I have to think more about what MagicNetTV’s target audience is because it wasn’t ever discussed within … Continue reading

TV Studio – The Final Few Days…

It is little than 5 days until the big day! It’s finally time for everything to come together and NetTV gets all fantasied up! Everyone has been working so hard it’s great to finally see everyone comfortable and in their roles, everything seems to have fallen into place. Thank god! It’s finally going to be … Continue reading

Back To The Studio…

Coming back into the studio and getting back to work has shown me how much work needs to be done. Having returned from a break, we all have now come back refreshed. This means that we all now have a clearer understanding of what needs to be done. The producer ย and director finally settled on … Continue reading